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Collapse At The Watchcase Leads To Accusations Of 'Unsafe Practices'

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Last Tuesday morning, a ten-foot section on the fourth floor of the Bulova construction site collapsed. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the accident did lead to a phone call being placed to the offices of the Sag Harbor Express.

"An anonymous caller claiming to be a worker at the site, home to what is easily the biggest construction project in Sag Harbor history, informed The Sag Harbor Express about the accident last Wednesday. The man said the building was 'unsafe' and alleged safety inspectors on the site were turning a blind eye to unsafe practices in turn for under the table compensation by some subcontractors."Both David Kronman (a project manager for Cape Advisors, the company responsible for the project) and Racanelli Construction (the contractor) vehemently denied the allegations. A spokesperson for Racanelli called them "ludicrous" while Kroman said "it makes no sense that anyone would take that kind of risk in such a large project." While the cause of the accident is being investigated, the $60M project is moving forward with completion expected by the fall of 2013. · Collapse Rocks Bulova Building [Sag Harbor Express]
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