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Jessie Tabone of Gansett Lane Home on 'Barefoot Luxury Living'

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“The first sophisticated store in Montauk” -- that’s how one stylish customer at Gansett Lane Home put it. In its third season in a mock-Tudor building off Montauk’s plaza, the 1,200-sq.-ft. shop specializes in “livable coastal modern," says owner Jessie Tabone, or ? to borrow a phrase from the store’s business card ? “barefoot luxury living.” That translates to relaxed home furnishings in neutrals and naturals, bleached woods, and accents in the blue-green family ? modern and clean-lined, yet comfortable and warm.

For this week's Inquiring Minds, Tabone tells columnist/blogger Cara Greenberg all about it.

How did you happen to open this store in this location?

I was in the mortgage business, but design was always a passion of mine. My husband, Jon Tabone, is a property investor based in Amagansett. I was helping him with interior finishes and staging homes for sale; that was my creative outlet. We couldn’t find this style locally, so we sourced from all over. People loved the products we put in our homes, and when the economy tanked, I decided to give it a shot. In the summer of 2009, I opened in a small space on Main Street here in Montauk on a short-term lease, and the store took off. We needed more space, so we moved here in 2010. We’re the first tenants in the building.

Are you from the area originally?

I’ve been in East Hampton and Amagansett for 10 years. I grew up in the Medford area, lived down south, came back to [mid] Long Island, and then out here.

Where do most of your products come from?

I would say 75% is made in the U.S. All the upholstery is bench-made from scratch by Cisco Bros. in California, not mass-produced overseas, and it’s eco-friendly. Some things are shipped from overseas, like the Madeline Weinrib carpets from India.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the store?

The tufted bench covered with a vintage Tibetan blanket ($1,900) and reclaimed wood coffee table ($1,375). The blue pendant lights made of handmade recycling glass ($645). Framed photos by local photographers. The plastic-cord Acapulco chairs; they’re manufactured in New York City, but I first saw them in a little shop in Australia.

Among the smaller things, resin vases that look like coral. Glass balls reminiscent of vintage fishing floats; you can use them as bud vases or serve margaritas out of them with a straw. I like things that are multi-functional, like the little blue glasses from Canvas Home that you can use for ceviche or dessert or breakfast. Throw pillows are very popular; it’s an easy way to spruce and change the feel of your décor for the season.

And we’ve got new merchandise coming in for fall!

Winter plans?

We are essentially open year round. From January through March, it’s by appointment only. During those months we focus on buying and doing design projects.

I’m always looking for interesting products. We spend an enormous amount of time searching online and going to trade shows. Anytime we’re traveling. I keep an eye open.

Gansett Lane Home, 6 South Etna Avenue, Montauk, 631-668-8050