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Behind The Scenes Of The Amagansett Sea Salt Company

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You may have noticed Amagansett Sea Salt Co's little jars of naturally processed sea salt at farmers markets and speciality shops in the area. Now, thanks to Food Curated (the folks that brought you an inside look at the Montauk Shellfish Company), you can see how they their "finishing salt" goes from the ocean to your table.

It all started about a decade ago when Steven and Natalie Judelson began making sea salt for fun from their home in Amagansett. After years of refining the process, the couple took a "leap of faith" in 2009 and the Amagansett Sea Salt Co. was born. Since then, the company has grown to the point where they offer ten blends?named after various towns and beaches on the East End?and is used in high-end restaurants like Eleven Madison Park, Nick & Toni's, and South Edison.

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