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Pick Up Montauk's Albatross West Motel For $3.6M

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Add another Montauk hotel/motel owner hoping to cash in on the growth of Montauk over the last few years. Please welcome the Albatross West to the listings mix. Set on .38 acres just 200 yards from the Atlantic, the two-story motel offers 20 units with an additional separate manager apartment and office. And, like all motels that are currently for sale in Montauk, the investment property is going require a little more than the $3.6M asking price to make up for the less than stellar online reviews.

And now for our favorite part of looking into these listings: The horror stories!

"... the blankets had cigarette holes, the shower doors didn't close, the room refrigerator smelled, the room was filthy.... we SLEPT IN OUR CLOTHES....couldn't wait to check out....." "yikes this was a nightmare for us. Gave two stars instead of one because I guess if you're a kid looking to get drunk and party til 5AM It's your kind of place. Old but pretty clean. The major plus was that the air conditioner was old and really loud which blocked out some of the unbelievable partying noise."

"The neighbors were engaged in an epic, drunken marital skirmish. Our fridge froze the food we brought with us and there was a swastika etched into a mirror by the bed."

"I was willing to just deal with that given I would not be spending that much time in the room. Then we went to put our clothing in the dresser drawers which smelled of urine!!!"

"Cheap old motel which expects most of its guest to get drunk and be loud - if that's you, rest assured you won't be bothered or told to calm down unless you start breaking things."

Keep in mind, even though many of the reviewers had a less than pleasant stay here, not all were so squeamish and many realized that you get what you pay for. One reviewer summarized the place perfectly: "Good value - so what if it's a dump?" that's the Montauk we know. · Listing: Albatross West Motel [Brown Harris Stevens]