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'Goose Creek' Finally Gets A Chop...And It's A Big One

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After sitting on the market for, well, longer than this site has existed, the owner of the 25,000 sq. ft. megamanse known as "Goose Creek" is finally getting serious about unloading the place. He recently dropped the ask by a cool $5M. Pricetag now? $14.995M.

So what does $15M get in Wainscott these days? Limestone floors, an indoor heated wave pool, Turkish bath, massage rooms, an outdoor pool, and a tennis court...all with an incredibly 80s feel. Oh, and we can't forget about that 110-seat screening room. Modeled after the Zeigfeld Theatre, it's the reason why, according to the NY Observer, the home has been a "a Mecca for Hollywood and New York society's A-list." The real selling point, however, is the property itself. The parcel offers 5.5 manicured acres on (an inlet off of) Georgica Pond. Make way for the wrecking ball?

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