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Bootcamp Battles

Move over "indoor boutique cycling"...the latest battle for exercise supremacy on the East End is being waged at bootcamps. And while Barry's Bootcamp was one of the first out of the gate, similar workouts have popped up all over the Hamptons this summer, including The People's Bootcamp. Besides a provocative pay-what-you-can business model, People's founder Adam Rosante says: "We take the instructor-as-star model out of the equation and put the focus on our students. This is The People's Bootcamp. Not Adam Rosante's Bootcamp. It's a killer workout that brings out your best self. That and we serve rosé during class." He was just kidding about the rosé part. Maybe? The classes take place at Rushmeyer's in Montauk every Saturday at 10am. [People's Bootcamp]