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Ice Cream Sign Makes Graphic Designer Want To Die

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When word that a new ice cream shop was going to be coming to Sag Harbor this summer, people were excited...until they saw their sign. Village residents promptly grumbled that Yummylicious! looked out of place on Main Street in this quaint whaling town. But was their sign really that bad?

We asked typography expert and graphic designer Corey Marsey to weigh in:

"When I think about eating ice cream in the Hamptons, this design is the last thing that would come to mind. Let's first talk about the color: In a time when organic and natural are the norm, especially on the East End, why choose such a vibrant pink that suggests this ice cream might be artificially flavored? This hue also reminds me of the ultra-pop and so last season fro-yo joints that have rapidly infested New York over the past few years.

Then we have the typeface, which makes me want to die. It's set in LondonMM, a very cheap knockoff of the classic Johnston typeface. With all those sharp edges and points coming off the letters in every direction, it makes me wonder what's really in this ice cream. Will I be stabbed with shards of ice with every bite? Or worse?"
Which ice cream shops are doing it right? Marsey suggests the owners of Yummylicious! look to the following brands for inspiration: Legato Gelato, Sant Ambroeus, Van Leeuwen, Blue Marble, and Steve's Craft Ice Cream.

And when asked how he feels about the controversial Comic Sans typeface that can be found throughout the Village, Marsey promptly hung up the phone in disgust.

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2-8 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963