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The East Hampton Town Board Work Session Discusses The Sloppy Tuna

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Last night at the East Hampton Town Board work session, employees of Montauk's The Sloppy Tuna united together to say "it's not fair!" The meeting was called after the Tuna received their fourth citation for violating the town noise ordinance this summer. About 100 employees and supporters of the one year old establishment came to show solidarity. Apparently the back and forth lasted about an hour and 30 minutes. The East Hampton Patch was on the scene and pulled some quotes from the supporters.

John Behan, a former East Hampton town supervisor and State Assemblyman, whose son happens to work at The Sloppy Tuna, says the space has been a night club for 45 years: "...That’s like people moving right near a ranch and complaining about the smell of the horse shit." Drew Doscher, an owner of The Sloppy Tuna: “I want to work with the town—I don’t want to be the poster child that works against them. Everyone here enjoys themselves, and we haven’t had one fight here all summer.”

Kieran Conlon, an attorney representing the business: “This is a safe, newly renovated building, and the owners are productive members of this community...The owners want a fair playing field, yet the town has chosen to go to war with them.”

A call to the town board returned no results.

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[Photo via The Patch]