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Even The Panhandlers Are Snobby In The Hamptons

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A thoughtful reader sent us this picture of two enterprising/misguided young ladies trying to get their fro-yo fix in Sag Harbor the other day. Here's the accompanying Email:

These two young ladies were outside Yummylicious in Sag Harbor this afternoon begging for money to buy frozen yogurt. My wife told them they could buy ice cream at the variety store for $1.00. Their response: "Ewwww! that's disgusting. Thanks for nothing..." Isn't begging illegal in Sag Harbor village? What's wrong with this world?

In case you were wondering: There are 20 days until Tumbleweed Tuesday. Not like there's a giant calendar with a smiley face drawn on 9/4 above our desk or anything. Got other examples of people behaving badly? You know where to send 'em.


2-8 Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963