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80s Throwback, 28 St. Mary's Lane, Has Found A Buyer

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The most 80s house we've ever seen (although "Island In The Sky" is a close second), has recently clicked over to "In Contract." It took about a year and a half and a little over $3M in pricechops, but someone decided that there ain't nothing wrong with a three-bedroom from the decade that brought us MacGyver, Chess King, and the Buggles.

Set on a little more than an acre, the three-bedroom "contemporary" offers 5600 sq. ft. of living space, imported Italian marble floors (of course), a massive floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace in the great room, and an atrium with retractable shades. Also found in the house? A professional wet bar "influenced by Mickey Mantel"?whatever that means.

Now, the fun part (other than envisioning the ridiculous parties that must have gone on here a few decades ago): How much do you think the buyer has agreed to pay for the place? It was most recently listed for $3.85M.

· Listing: 28 St. Mary's Lane [Corcoran]