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Update: Escape 2 NY Heads 2 Montauk

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For those wondering if Escape 2 Montauk at Solé East is destined to become the latest overcrowded event to hit "The End" this summer, your fears may be somewhat assuaged. The "boutique celebration" is definitely going to be scaled back from last year's festival on the Shinnecock Reservation. "We plan to admit the same amount of people we have on a normal weekend this summer at Sole East," according to Dave Ceva, an owner of the boutique hotel. We have a feeling area residents still won't be totally mollified hearing this, but at least they won't be forced to deal with a bigger weekend mess than usual...hopefully.

So, if you really have your heart set on seeing Jettycoon perform, listening to Albert Hammond Jr. spin, or checking out the "fashion village," it's probably best you get your hands on one of those $20 VIP wristbands they're hawking. Otherwise, you may not be able to get in and all that expertly applied neon warpaint will be for naught.

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Sole East Resort

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