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DIY Cobb Road Estate Trades For A $1.5M Discount

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About a year ago, a fanciful piece of property on Cobb Road hit the market. The price? $7.5 million. The sales pitch? Two contiguous parcels of land, one of which contains a historic carriage house, complete with period wood paneling and a pool. Problem was, nobody seemed to care.

Thankfully the real estate gods helped compel a $1 million PriceChop a couple months later. Perhaps the 'chopping helped people realize that the parcels could easily lend themselves to a new unforgettable compound. You know, with carriage houses...the ultimate throwback amenity! Seems possible since the swath of land entered into contract a few months later for $6 million$1.5 million off the original asking price! Well played, future compound owners.

· Listing: 222 & 220 Cobb Road [Prudential]