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Reader Comments, Holiday Week Edition

Though it may have been an abbreviated workweek for Curbed Hamptons, the readership didn't take any time off from doing what they do best: Offering unfiltered opinions on anything and everything. Here's a quick rundown of the more memorable ones from the week of July 4th.


"The market hasn't really recovered out here despite what brokers say....I see the same houses for sale that I was renting THREE and FOUR years ago, and they were nice new 4/5 bedrooms! Although rental prices have been basically flat for a couple of years, purchase prices are still far above what they should be and have barely budged in two years. Theres an awful lot of people with houses out here who have been trying to cash out for years now but are still clinging to unrealistic valuations. People actually think their 5 bedroom McMansion without a view and not within walking distance of the beach or town still deserves a Hamptons price. Umm....NO....that granite countertop and SubZero fridge is not worth an extra $2mm."


"I still don't get this concept.. Why the hell would anyone from the area pay to go to a pool in a small hotel 2 blocks from the actual beach? It's not like it's going to become like the Las Vegas hard rock pool or something. I'm guessing the douchebag factor is going to be off the scale....."


"The property is in an excellent location - prime. The problem was the ridiculous price the broker started with - which is often the case. The price is very close to what it should sell for."


"The top two spots on a list of Top 10 restaurants in the Hamptons are not even in the Hamptons...Pause while the irony washes over you."


"Thank god they were shutdown. It was a total sh*tshow on East Lake Dr. They even managed to get traffic going to a stop and start mess at 6pm (two hours before the start) by having security guards in the street, turning away all the regular customers who were going to eat there (you might want to have announced you were closed on July 4th weekend for a private party on your Facebook pages or something, eh?) Then the douchebag parade began by 8pm, with retards walking down the middle of the road till about Midnite when it suddenly go really quiet, lol. Then the real traffic jam began....We watched people sit outside our house for at least a good 20 minutes plus. The amount of trash that was left all over the road and Ricks was quite unbelievable, they luckily did a good job in cleanup. Really bad crowd this year, bunch of slobs."