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It's Official: Whole Foods Is Gone Come Labor Day

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When it was announced that Whole Foods would be opening on the East End, it wasn't quite clear if they were planning on staying in the area for good or just for the season. The owner of the site, Gregg Saunders, told the East Hampton Star that this summer would be a "test" to determine if a year-round store could succeed at the location. Well, the results are in and the outcome is now certain. According to Whole Foods' official blog, come September 3rd, you'll have to go elsewhere for all of your organic kale chip and tofu needs:

"If you’re heading “out east” stop by the FARM stand and grab some morning coffee, pick up snacks for the beach or stock up the beach house pantry. But hurry, because all vacations must come to an end, the Farm stand’s official last day is on Labor Day." So what happened? Perhaps a few Curbed commenters can shed some light on the situation (it's not pretty):

"While I greatly anticipated Whole Foods coming out to Wainscott, it actually ends up being a disappointment after several visits. I like the local produce selection, but the presentation and upkeep of the produce is not as tidy and fresh looking as you find in NYC. They do not have a great variety of prepared foods (especially salads) and even the breads are tired looking. "

"I was really looking to this hopefully and optimistically. But the place is just lackluster. I get that it's temporary and so they don't want to spend real $ on the facility, but at least the product should absolutely sparkle. It doesn't. Sad."

"I too was so excited for this place. It is awful. Every time I went for something they didn't have it. The list includes plain chocolate, beer, newspapers, regular potato chips, shallots(!), butcher meats, and many many brand name goods. I am done with them. Saunders just blew it. What we needed was a supermarket not this granola crap. Meanwhile the red horse market is hopping. So instead of walking to whole foods I drive to red horse. Too bad."

"I went there yesterday and asked where the jicama was. They responded 'we don't carry that kind of stuff.' That said it all as far as I am concerned."

"Why they would want to degrade the Whole Foods name and operate something like this is beyond me. They lost me when I asked for a bag of fresh pizza dough (always available in NYC) - it was not part of the inventory there, I was told!"

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