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Shark Attack Sounds In Montauk Shut Down Last Night

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It looks like Ben Watts' Shark Attack Sounds party was a little too popular and got shut down last night. According to @OasisOrMirage, after the fuzz pulled the plug, the crowd then headed over to Ruschmeyer's to continue the evening's festivities. If anyone feels like offering up some more details as to what the scene was like, you know where to reach us.

For those participating in this week's open thread who don't think Montauk has changed all that much, care to reconsider?

Update: A reader answered our call and provided his with the following info regarding Shark Attack Sounds and its aftermath:

· man was knocked unconscious between cracks in the dock, leading to cessation of the music for twenty minutes. rumors spread that this was his demise

· spoke to a police officer who said that the party was shut down due to 3x the number of people that the venue was allotted. and multiple ordinances (noise, firecode, sanitary) were violated

· the line to get in to the ruschmeyers afterparty was just as debaucherous. multiple illicit substances were publicly consumed.

· some people made the most of the situation. one van was playing tiesto, throwing beach balls, and attracting a crowd of ~30 people to an impromptu dance party

· native american attire has replaced handlebar mustaches as the to-go-for theme of the evening. next year we're dressing as pilgrims.

We also spoke to a Montauk cab driver and to say he was unhappy with the results of the event was an understatement. Apparently it took almost an hour to reach Rick's Crabby Cowboy cafe from the middle of town. So...uh...welcome to the new Montauk?