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WARNING: Do Not Rent Your House To Lee Hnetinka

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While John Corzine isn't very popular in the Hamptons these days, his status as an East End pariah pales in comparison to Lee Hnetinka, the owner of Hamptons and Sons. Well, former owner...the website has already been scrubbed from the Interwebs.

According to this week's East Hampton Star, Mr. Hnetinka rented a total of seven Hamptons properties for various time periods under the guise of holding an extended family reunion. He then threw massive, days-long post-prom and post-graduation parties there and charged $350+ per head to attend, even providing busses to transport students to the homes. Hoping to sneak by code enforcement (which was a spectacular failure), he supplied security guards he hired to "chaperone" the bashes with a how-to manuals.

"Say to the kids: Get off the bus and walk into the house quietly! The neighbors are sleeping and if we wake them up they will call the police to shut down the party. . . . Anything you take off the bus should not be brought into a bedroom. . . . They should just hang out (not drink yet) and wait until everyone gets there and you read the rules."

"Once everyone is inside and in the same room . . . we want to know about any 1. Knives. 2. Guns 3. Hard alcohol and mikes. 4. Beer. 5. Drugs. 6. And prescription drugs . . . the prescription drugs will be given back should the person need them and they have a prescription. The hard alcohol will be given back once we feel you have earned it and you see they are a young adult and can handle it. This may be 5 minutes or 5 hours; it depends on if you guys lie to us."

"Give back only the hard alcohol under your digression [sic]."

"Only give back hard alcohol that is clear. Do not give back any rum, gin or tequila. I do not allow those! Obviously do not give back drugs, knives or guns."

"Do not open front door ever. . . . If you open the front door by accident tell them to hold on and do not let them in. Close the door and get the security guard. . . . Should code enforcement or police come to the property . . . 1. Do not let them inside. . . . Close the door and call a representative from Hamptons and Sons immediately; call us right away ? do not speak to them!"

Obviously, his efforts to evade code enforcement/keep things quiet didn't exactly pan out and his parties were shut down either by town officials or angry homeowners?although it seems as if was able to get away with a few of them. Making matters worse is that after the soirees were busted up, the kids, who thought Lee owned the properties, were left to find their own way home and out whatever they paid him (which was mostly in cash). Mr. Hnetinka is to be arraigned in Southampton on July 13 at 1 p.m. in connection with at least seven violations. Understandably, civil suits are being filed and at least one parent is hoping for criminal charges. "I’m looking for him to get locked up for fraud and grand larceny," said Richard Beau Dietl, a former New York City police detective and head of

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