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Montauk Beach House's No. 50 Grand Opening Party

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If you still weren't convinced of the insane changes going on in the 11954, enter Montauk Beach House's grand opening party for their poolside club/lounge No. 50. Scheduled for next weekend, they've got a pretty killer lineup of musical acts and DJs scheduled to perform, most notably?even we're impressed with this?Paul Oakenfold. For those readers outside of the electronic music demographic, Mr. Oakenfold is easily one of the biggest and most recognizable DJs in the world ("legendary" and "pioneering" are terms often applied in his general direction) with a career that spans almost three decades.

Getting into the event might be a little tricky as it requires a membership to the club, but it looks like you can do so on a weekly basis for $250. A little pricey, sure, but looking at the weekend's schedule, it actually might be worth it.

Update: It looks like you can also make reservations by sending an Email to

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