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What Do You Think About The Changes In Montauk?

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Anyone that's read anything about Montauk lately knows that it's a fundamentally different place today than it was just five years ago. The opening of Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyer's, The Sloppy Tuna, Zum Schneider, and a host of other very non-traditionally-Montauk spots have turned the once quiet fishing town into one of the most popular destinations on the East End of Long Island. The shift has been welcomed by many (especially business owners), but not everyone thinks the economic boom and nightlife growth is worth the loss of the area's historical identity. So, for this week's open thread we're asking: Is the "new" and quickly changing Montauk a good thing?

Leave your thoughts in the comments and check back next week for a roundup of our favorite responses.*

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*This is bound to garner some passionate responses, but those that are a little too intense (meaning: threats of physical violence) are going to get deleted. Mind your Ps and Qs, people.

Surf Lodge

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