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25 Sunset Drive Finds A Buyer In Less Than Three Weeks!

Realistic Price + Gorgeous Decor = Quick Sale

That's the formula that Lisa Bowles?owner of Roark Antiques and Design in East Hampton's Red Horse Plaza?used to find a buyer for her Noyac home almost as soon as she put it on the market.

When we wrote about the three-bedroom back at the end of May, we had a feeling that the place wouldn't be on the market for long. While many listings tout a stylish design, great location or realistic price, all three actually applied in this instance. What effect will hitting that trifecta have on the final number? We'll have to wait and see. But, if the time it took to find a buyer is any indication, it's a pretty safe bet that the place is going to change hands near its $1.395M pricetag. There's a good chance that it may even join the rarefied ranks of those homes that sold for more than their asking price.

· Listing: 25 Sunset Drive [Corcoran]