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32 Middle Lane In East Hampton Hits The Market, Asks $38.5M

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[Aerial photo credit: Alex Ferrone]

Looks like East Hampton felt left out of all the coverage of astoundingly expensive homes that have come on the market as of late. To fix that, 32 Middle Lane has joined the fray. Asking price? A cool $38.5M. Shoulda just went with an even 40. What's another $1.5M when you're already asking this much?

Though the six-bedroom's address may say Middle Lane, the property actually runs all the way to Further?that's what happens when a parcel is almost 5.5 acres. Highlights of the 8200 square footer include a great room, a library, five fireplaces, a "cool" pool, a private den and study, as well as a media room, and a three-car garage. Oddly, the brokerbabble makes mention of "hospitable" guest quarters which is what we assumed guest quarters are supposed to be. Although, the idea of well-heeled weekend visitors sleeping on air mattresses in an partially finished basement is a rather amusing image.

· Listing: 32 Middle Lane [Prudential Douglas Elliman]