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Pooch Need Pampering? Hamptons Canine Concierge Is Here.

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The Hamptons are well known for being a bastion of excess, but this is the first time we actually exclaimed "Oh, come on!" when we learned of one in particular. The NY Post has a write-up on Hamptons Canine Concierge?"a service catering to needs and whims your dog doesn’t even know it has"?that is so full of head-shaking details and quotes that we're having a hard time believing it's not satire. To wit:

"If they wanted a treatment or luxury for themselves, they also wanted it for their pets." "Dogs can get pretty jaded in the city."

"On the roster of providers, all of whom will come to clients' homes, is Michel Sacker, a facialist for the furry set. She begins with a blend of lavender and other essential oils. The treatment involves eye massage and cleaning, and finishes with the animal wrapped in aromatic towels."

"They have been getting all kinds of requests, from a man who wanted a white stretch limo to transport his white poodles ? 'he insisted the car match the dogs,' [the co-owner of HCC] says ? to a family who wanted a personal assistant for its pooch."

"Planner Erika Friedman was called on to organize an event in East Hampton for a client's 11-year-old daughter, her friends and all their critters. 'The budget was $30,000,' says Friedman, who created grooming stations for girls and dogs, with pedicures and blowouts for each. There were bedazzled headbands and matching leashes, followed by a red-carpet runway and designer dog bags filled with treats. A gazebo was brimming with towers of pupcakes. 'It was outrageous,' recalls Friedman. 'The only problem was that the mother wanted everything to be vegan.'"And we were thinking that our dog was spoiled because we occasionally offer him some table scraps. Guess we'll have to start feeding him filet mignon and enroll him in doggy yoga if he expects to keep up with the well-heeled Fidos of the world. · Well-pawed [NY Post]