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The Montauk Beach House Earns Its First Zoning Violations

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Now that the alleyway brouhaha seems to be resolved (we haven't heard anything else about it, at least), The Montauk Beach House finds itself facing another round zoning issues. A tipster just provided a letter sent to Chris Jones from East Hampton's building inspector regarding a couple of "unpermitted uses" on the property. The first is a bar that was originally slated for "guest services" that the letter notes is "being used for more than guest services." The second involves a retail shop that "lacks the necessary approvals" and inspections. The entire letter is viewable here.

While these may seem like relatively trivial and easily fixed matters, readers will recall that it was issues like these that eventually did in the Surf Lodge in its rowdier incarnation.

In a statement the folks that The Montauk Beach House had this to say:

"Ancillary services to resort guests are an important component of the guest experience that is recognized by the town code and has provided an economic benefit to the town for decades that has contributed to the success of this important sector of the local economy.

These uses are all permitted under the town code?and just like the Montauk Beach House, they are in existence in numerous establishments throughout the town of East Hampton, in particular Montauk.

In situations like this, where property owners do not agree with the determination of the building department, mechanisms are provided in the Town Code to resolve such situations ? namely the ZBA ? and we will be reviewing these options in conjunction with experts in this matter. "

We'll make sure to update when we learn more. · All previous coverage of The Montauk Beach House [Curbed Hamptons]

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