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Reader Comments, The Last Full Week Of July Edition

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Before we make with this week's coverage of all things Hamptons, let's take a look back at the week that was. As usual, Curbed readers weren't exactly shy when it came to voicing their opinions. Here's just a sampling of what they had to say.


"Looks like the writer of this article should have spent some time at 'The Barn!' For some reason, the best place in the Hamptons gets constantly put down. So there are some drunks 'slip n' slidn' down the ailse of the LIRR. At least they're smart enough not to drink and drive like Billy Joel, Jason Kidd, and the rest of 'The East End' elite."


"i don't know what happened on this particular occasion, but i can say from personal experience that the luxury liner has majorly gone down in quality in the last year or so. it's definitely still a step up from the regular ol' jitney, but we're talking gross bathrooms, obvious bootleg movies with russian (?!?!) subtitles, empty snack area, and surly employees. not to mention their reservationists apparently get to go home for the day at 5p when there are still multiple buses running, so if the bus just doesn't stop for you, or never shows up, you have no way of contacting them to find out what's going on."


"Ugly home...looks just like another McMansion coming out of Farrell. No creativity, no taste...just a bad replica of a 1700's cottage style estate that will end up having high hedges further obscuring the quaint, warm and fuzzy feeling that Wainscott Main Street has to offer as well as water and farm views. Sagaponack has effectively been destroyed by homes built by testosterone and builders with taste up their arse - made for buyers who lack taste but are flush with cash and ostentatious proclivities!"


"I have to say, I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The menu was great and the food was deliciously inventive. Overall ambiance was great too, though still don't understand the reggae references. I wouldn't say I'm dying to go back, but it is definitely a great montauk dining option. Interested to see if their bar scene will pick up too. They certainly have the space to accommodate a big crowd."


"Typical NIMBY nonsense. So much for the Hamptons Eco-friendly bs. Does anyone in Montauk actually believe the extraordinarily dirty power plant on Fort Pond, burning fuel oil whose pollution drifts directly into downtown, is better?"


"This house is wayyyy overpriced! It is on Montauk hwy! Wouldn't pay more than 600k for will hear zoom zoom zoom all day! Plus you have the railroad across the street also! So cars, trains..yea..not worth it!"