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After 4 Years, Spectacular $49M Estate Enters Into Contract

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Two words: This house. After four full years on the market, Southampton's Linden estate has finally entered into contract! And since this listing's StreetEasy page is older than Curbed Hampton itself, respect must be paid. To the tune of $49 million.

Let's start with Linden's price. Back in 2008, the showplace wanted a little under $60 million. Thereafter, it bounced around between $49 and $59 million, until it eventually settled on $49 million in January. While the tidal pricing may seem strange at first, the home's history helps shed some light. Former Esprit executive and current owner Juergen Friedrich only paid $8.5 million for the 10-acre spread back in 2002. And since Friedrich has already flipped five other estates in the area, a few millions here and there are so last season anyway.

Notwithstanding Jay's new rental, Linden may offer some of the east end's most outrageous amenities. The main house alone tops off at 18,000 square feet, which spans three floors and includes 12 principal bedrooms and staff quarters. Outside the Grosvenor Atterbury-designed mansion sits not one, but two pavilions, each with full kitchens, as well as an elaborate carriage house. For fun, the massive estate will also afford its new owner a grass tennis court, jaw-dropping fountain, indoor and outdoor pools, paddle court, and greenhouse. Boy, HREO just won't be the same without Linden!

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