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Update: Savanna's Paying Their Employees With Rubber Checks?

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Last week, a tipster informed us that the employees at Savanna's in Southampton were having difficulty getting paid. The post prompted one reader to note "this explains why the day following this article our waitress basically BEGGED us for tips in cash. What an unfortunate turn for a once landmark." Well, it looks like the money is finally starting to come in. From an Email we just received:

"Miraculously, Savanna's has been able to open the past week under new management. All latter paychecks have been able to be cashed and the bounced checks are being paid out within the next couple days. The source of all the problems was one of the owners, who has since disappeared. No one has seen him since last Thursday night."Hopefully, this is the last we hear of any bad news coming from the Southampton eatery. · Savanna's [Official Site]