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Problems Persist For The Hampton Luxury Liner

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On Monday, we noted that the Hampton Luxury Liner didn't have the greatest of weekends. Complaints of malfunctioning A/C, reservations not being honored, and exceptionally long rides ("five hours we sat in traffic") all plagued the Jitney alternative. Well, even post-weekend, it seems as though the company is still struggling to live up to its name. A tipster just sent us this Email about a trip they took on Tuesday:

"30 minutes after leaving Bridgehampton yesterday morning at 10:30am, a warning alarm starting chirping on the Luxury Liner. We listened to that alarm, like a needle to the brain, for almost two hours until the engine finally died at exit 31 N-S. Another bus picked us up about 30 minutes later."With the busiest time of the season almost upon us, we have a feeling that this won't be the last time we hear about problems with "the Hamptons most comfortable bus." · All previous coverage of the Hampton Luxury Liner [Curbed Hamptons]