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Readers Share Their Picks For The Spots Best Avoided

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Last week, we asked Curbed readers to share some recommendations for the spots best avoided during the month August?less than a week away...ugh?and they certainly delivered. Here now, a list of those spots that you might think twice about visiting if you're not into the whole unnecessary aggravation thing:

· All of the Hamptons
· Bridgehampton Commons
· Any train station with traffic officers in attendance (they just make things worse)
· Any Citarella location
· Provisions
· The Surf Lodge
· Sunset Beach
· Waldbaum's parking lot
· Sag Harbor main street (parking problems)
· Main Beach drop off area
· Soul Cycle and Physique 57's parking lot on Butter Lane
· Making a left hand turn onto 27 from 114 south (ed. note: DO NOT DO THIS)
· Dreesen's on a Saturday or Sunday morning
· Scoop Du Jour at all times
· Jack's Coffee Co in Amagansett, especially on a Sunday late morning

· Any place they don't like my totally amazing porn stache... (ed. note: He should be fine in Montauk)Anything missing? Feel free to add it in the comments. · The Best Places To Avoid In The Hamptons During August? [Curbed Hamptons]
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