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Check Out What They've Done With Lenny's In Montauk

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[Photo credit: Swallow East]

Swallow East has been open for a little over a month, but we just came across these pictures of what they did with the space that Lenny's once called home. Much like The Montauk Beach House, the transformation is rather remarkable. The christmas lights, plastic tables and chairs, and martini-swilling swordfish have been replaced with exposed bulb fixtures, heavy wood tables, aluminum chairs and an understated swallow. And while their menu may be as dramatically different as the decor, the pretty views of Montauk Harbor remain the same.

Oddly, we haven't heard much about the place as of yet (and there's only one Yelp review right now). However, considering how quickly bad news can travel around these parts, we're cautiously taking that as a good sign. Anyone who's checked the place out care to weigh in?

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