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15 Central Park West Counterpart Hits Market for $3.350M

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The mastermind of Manhattan's notorious 15 Central Park West, Robert A.M. Stern, has apparently penned a design for a new 12-home development in Sagaponack. But unlike 15 CPW, this newly listed country house prefers cedar shakes and country charm to limestone, A-Rod, and $88 million penthouses. The $3.350 million pad spans 4,200 square feet and occupies 1.4 acres of Sagg North dirt. Not exactly Central Park West, but not too shabby either.

Robert A.M. Stern is no stranger to the East End. In addition to designs for several East Hampton municipal buildings, Stern has also lent a hand to several residential projects. So does the aura of his star power actually help move properties? Time for another installment of Sherlock HolmesHomes!

UPDATE: Turns out the design's actually from a 1994 Life Magazine Dream House editorial. Guess that just means Stern's work really is timeless!

Address: 17 Beech Street, Montauk
Price: $1.995 million
The Skinny: Yikes! Over the past few months, this home's asking price has been chopped more times than a cherry tree. Seriously, the original $3.5 million ask is now down to a cool $1.995 million. Even though asking prices come and go, this house will fortunately always be one of the first projects Stern completed after receiving his masters degree. [Corcoran]

Address: 64 Mecox Fields Lane, Water Mill
Price: $9.995 million
The Skinny: This post-modern shingle-style home has also been subject to the PriceChopper: its $12 million asking price shed over $2 million four months ago. Lean list price aside, the south-of-the-highway showplace offers over four acres of land and a quick commute to the beach. And that's something 15 CPW will never have. [Prudential]

· Listing: A Robert A.M. Stern Design in New Development [BHS]