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Savanna's Paying Their Employees With Rubber Checks?

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Our request for some insider intel regarding this season's current restaurant woes yielded some news about Savanna's in Southampton. According to our tipster, employees are having a hard time getting paid from the eatery's new owners:

Savanna's in Southampton re-opened this summer under new ownership. I have been working there for the past month as a server. I started working a week after it opened, which was the last week of June.

The ownership has taken forever to handout payment for accrued wages. Especially with the management who has been working without being paid for a few months.

Finally, last week we had started to receive paychecks. Only to have the paychecks bounce this week.

Needless to say, several employees are not planning on showing up to work tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend, it will go as well as the Hindenburg.

We reached out to the new owners about the allegations. We'll update if and when they respond. · Savanna's [Official Site]