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Big Reveal: How Much For This Four-Bedroom Modern In Noyac?

[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Address: 1559 Millstone Road, Noyac
Asking Price: $3,995,000 The majority of guesses concerning this four-bedroom modern continued last week's unusual trend of overestimating the ask. Most thought the pricetag, probably due to the property's six-acre parcel, fell somewhere in the range of $5.5M to $6M. Though, according to one commenter, "2.5 is closer to what it should be going for." That same commenter also thinks a discount is in order due to a rather amusing complaint:"500,000 taken off the top, because of my dislike of the name Noyac."

There was only one reader who was in the correct asking price neighborhood. LoisLane took the Pricespotting gold this week with a guess of $3.65M.

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