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EH's 11 Hedge Row Lane Finds A Buyer In A Week!

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When we wrote about this six-bedroom modern the other week, we had a feeling it wouldn't be on the market for long. Much like another contract that was recently signed, the combination of handsome design and not-outlandish pricing caused someone to pounce on the offering with a quickness. However, we weren't expecting the $3.25M home to find a buyer just seven days after it was listed. Guess if you want something bad enough and, more importantly, have a healthy bank account, there's no need to delay gratification. Must be nice.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what the final purchase price will be? Landing a buyer so incredibly quickly has us thinking it's going to go for close to the full amount, maybe even more.

· Listing: Inspiring Indoors, Alluring Outdoors [Saunders]