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Reader Comments

Before we make with this week's coverage of all things Hamptons, let's take a look back at the week that was. As usual, Curbed readers weren't exactly shy when it came to voicing their opinions. Here's just a sampling of what they had to say.

I'LL TAKE A BBC WITH A FLOATER: "Incredible - this shady character, with all of his vices and bad history, still manages to hold onto this goldmine. He makes HUGE coin on the weekends, just with the bar operation. Luck 'O the Irish indeed."

HALF A WHOLE FOODS: "I think their strategy to 'brand' themselves in The Hamptons failed with this shoddy, slapped-together stand. Whole Foods NYC spoiled all of us because they have everything, and it's so well laid-out. Why they would want to degrade the Whole Foods name and operate something like this is beyond me. "

A BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT: "Yes, it's full of terrible taste, but that is a lot of house for $3.99 million!"

PRICECHOP A COMIN': "People with $2.5 million to spend don't want to spend it on a tiny house with no land in Springs. The house should command a premium for the view, compared to the other houses in the area, but unless you can double the size of both the house and the land and move it out of Springs, kiss your $2 million dreams goodbye."