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Mocomanto Gets A New Agency, Keeps Its $11.995M Pricetag

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Was it only last summer that Southampton's Mocomanto (dubbed "The Jewel of Southampton Village" in the Images of America book series) was asking $15M? Yes. Yes it was. The historic home on Lake Agawam experienced a massive $3M chop in November, but stuck around until the middle of June when it was taken off the market for a short spell (about two weeks). The 7000 sq. ft., 7-bedroom listing has now returned to the Interwebs, this time under the ever-expanding banner of Saunders. Think moving to the "blue and brown" will get the job done or will it take more than a new set of brokers (meaning: another pricechop or two) to find a buyer at $11.995M?

· Listing: Mocomanto [Saunders]