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After 4.5 Years, This EH Village Traditional Gets A Pricechop

The owners of this almost 2000 sq. ft. East Hampton traditional must be convinced that its village location should translate to big bucks. After originally listing the four-bedroom waaaay back in November of 2007, they've finally decided to see if a $300K pricechop will be enough entice a buyer. They're now asking $1.3M.

The brokerbabble notes that the home "has the feel of original East Hampton and maintains that wonderful authenticity, yet is in perfect condition with many renovations." It's got a new kitchen with black limestone countertops, a full bath with sauna in the basement, custom wooden fencing and a "lovely deck." Although it does have an outdoor shower, there's no pool?nor does it look like there's room for one. The lot is just .13 acres. That (and the pricetag) might explain why this has been on the market for so long.

· Listing: A "Keeper" In The Heart Of East Hampton Village [Devlin McNiff Halstead Property]