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Architect, Designer Mark Zeff Unloading Recent Gut Reno

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[Photo credit: My Hampton Homes]

Architect and designer to the stars (e.g., Hilary Swank...take a peep at her multi-million dollar baby here) Mark Zeff has listed his Bridgehampton home for $8.960 million. Zeff picked up the place with his wife, Juli B., in 2009 for $5 million shortly before they sold their other Bridgehampton showplace for $2.6 million. Soon after, the duo put the 100-year-old farmhouse through a "gut renovation."

The result? Pretty awesome! The decor merges traditional farmhouse style with industrial finishes like incandescent light bulbs and concrete floors. What's old is new again...and again! Other highlights include fixtures from Bridgehampton's own Urban Archaeology and well over two acres of land, deeded access to Sagg Pond included. Translation: this architect's own ostensibly has it all.

Update: It seems as if sole ownership of the property was transferred to Juli B. in 2010, who was also responsible for the home's new design.

· Listing: 194 Quimbly Lane [Corcoran]