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Forbes Shows You 'How To Spend Your Millions In Montauk'

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When the words "You may think it's easy to spend your money here, but it's actually not..." left the reporter's mouth, we knew we were in for a treat. After calling the area "pretty casual" and "pretty low key" (both highly debatable these days), she then offers up a few ways to assist in your quest to spend a ridiculous amount of cash.

· A 120-minute outdoor couple massage at Gurney's ($550)
· Throw a weekend party at Sole East ($100K)
· Buy a Bentley! ($343k for the 2012 Mulsanne)
· Rent a six-stateroom yacht for the season ($1.6M)
Still looking for ways to part with that hard-earned money? You could always pick up 100 lobster rolls from Dave's Grill ($3700), stay in one of the area's pricier rentals for the month of August ($175K), buy the Montauket outright ($15.995M), or take a cab ride to East Hampton (n/a). The possibilities are really endless.

· How to Spend Your Millions In Montauk [YouTube]

Sole East Resort

90 Second House Road, Montauk, NY 11954 631 668 2105 Visit Website

Dave's Grill

468 West Lake Drive, Montauk, NY 11954 Visit Website