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The Best Places To Avoid In The Hamptons During August?

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With August less than two week's away and Hamptons Chatter reminding us that the area isn't all farm stands and BBQs, we're turning our attention to the spots best avoided if you suffer from high-blood pressure. We're looking for places where tempers always seem to be flaring, the lines are too long, and you leave vowing never to return. The Golden Pear on a Saturday morning? We'll brew at home, thank you. The parking lot at CVS on Pantigo? We don't need insulin that badly. Montauk Highway? Only if we're going to the hospital or a funeral.

Make your case for those spots you think should be skipped at all costs. We'll be rounding up our favorite responses early next week.

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The Golden Pear Cafe

34 Newtown Lane, , NY 11937 Visit Website