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A New Beach On Napeague? Probably Not.

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The recent crowds at Indian Wells and Atlantic beaches have led East Hampton Town Councilwoman Theresa Quigley to reconsider a plan to create a new bathing beach on Napeague. According to 27 East, "The plan, which has been around in some shape or form since about 2006, includes creating a parking lot, public bathrooms and staffing lifeguards at a 37.7-acre preserve along Montauk Highway acquired by the town's Community Preservation Fund in 2001."

As you might expect, the idea is already being met with both trepidation and opposition.

Members of the town board and the executive director of the Concerned Citizens of Montauk think the crowding problem requires more study. The Town Trustees, currently mired in a lawsuit over another stretch of Napeague, aren't going to take any action on the proposal. Even Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson doesn't seem entirely sold on the idea. He notes that although this plan would add a "degree of safety to the overall beaches of East Hampton...from a practical point of view, the implementation is going to be a difficult issue."

The most vocal opposition comes from the East End Dunes Residents Association, a nearby neighborhood group: "We're not going to let anyone who has never visited the site look at a flat piece of paper and say, 'Good place for a beach.'" Translation? Gentleman, call your lawyers.

Even if this proposal goes anywhere?with Mr. Wilkinson and the Town Trustees not totally on board, this is basically a dead issue?don't expect a new stretch of sand to enjoy anytime soon. Between logistics and lawsuits, it would be years before this idea becomes a reality.

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