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59 Miller Lane East Is An (Over)Builders Dream

The times, they are a changin' on Miller Lane. While most of the homes on the village fringe street are more modest cottages?usually no bigger than 1500 sq. ft.?we noticed this three-story (two and a half?) monster going up over the last couple of weeks. Seriously, one week it was an empty .18 acre lot, the next it was humming with activity. Guess if you shell out almost $400K for such a small parcel, you need to find ways to compensate.

While the new construction most assuredly meets all the setbacks required by the Town of East Hampton, that doesn't mean it works for the area. And we can't imagine the neighbors are exactly thrilled at the prospect of the new homeowners being able to look down upon their backyard. Who knows? Maybe it'll raise property values...a rising tide lifts all boats and whatnot.