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Escape 2 NY Heads To Montauk, Not Everyone Is Happy

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Though rains forced the cancellation of day three of Escape 2 NY last summer, the organizers vowed they'd return this year and they're keeping their word. Although, they're taking the party to?where else??Montauk this time around. They've teamed up with Sole East and plan on featuring "new and emerging musical acts, art exhibits, spa and yoga activities, an outdoor film and fashion pop-up shops" for the whole neon warpaint-loving family!

Hoping to stave off any potential criticism that the three-day (August 3rd to the 5th) festival could overwhelm the town (even more than it has been lately), the organizers are dubbing it a "boutique event," will operate between the hours of 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. each day, and will limit attendance. And while the event is free, you'll be able to purchase a priority-access V.I.P. wrist band for $20 in the coming weeks. No word on whether "glamping" (one of our least favorite recent trends) will be an option this year. We're also waiting to hear the lineup, which will have a huge impact on the size of crowd that attends.

While the organizers are promising a scaled-down version, they're already dealing with some opposition from an incredibly unexpected source. Chris Jones, a co-owner of Sole East and now The Montauk Beach House, released a statement about Escape To Montauk over the weekend:

"I have absolutely nothing to do with this event nor do I advocate it.

I am a partner in Sole East but relinquished my operational role in March to establish The Montauk Beach House where I have been 24/7 since.

I have deep respect for the community and the need to conserve our quality of life. I also have extensive experience in understanding what it takes to stage such an event. From the impact on safety and the environment to the demands made on local authorities and residents, it is totally inappropriate. Such a gathering should not be held in a residential area and especially not in Montauk. That is why my last endeavor in this regard landed at the East Hampton Airport.

I am unsure what the decision-makers were thinking but it is clear to me it has not been thought through."

So...what do you think? Is this destined to create even more problems on "The End" or will the organizers be able to ensure that the affair remains manageable? · Escape 2 NY [Official Site 2011]
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