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Southampton's 90 Wyandanch Lane Goes For $12.5M

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Whenever we notice one of the pricier properties on the East End has entered into contract, we're always curious to learn the final purchase price. Case in point: Southampton's 90 Wyandanch Lane. It had been on the market for roughly one year before a deal was inked and we are just now learning the sale price: $12.5M. Not exactly chump change, but when you consider that the home was first asking $17.25M, that's quite a step down. Still, a deal's a deal.

All that's left now is to wait and see what the new owner has planned for the place. We're guessing that many of the property's century-old structures won't be seeing next summer...the brokerbabble notes that permits are already in place "to create an unparalleled compound." With 4+ acres of property that stretches from Wyandanch Lane to Old Towne Road and includes both 400' of waterfront on Old Towne Pond and "a linden tree under which 200 people can dine," they've got an impressive starting-point for the next $30+ listing.

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