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New Hamptons Homeowner Jason Kidd Already Busted For DWI

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The ink has barely dried on the contract for his recent purchase of 100 Flying Point Road in Water Mill, but Jason Kidd has already joined the not-so-illustrious ranks of celebrities behaving badly in the Hamptons. The NY Post is reporting that, following his attendance at a charity event and after a stop by SL East, Mr. Kidd slammed his 2010 Cadillac Escalade into a light pole just minutes from his newly acquired Water Mill pad. After being treated for minor injuries, he was then taken to Southampton Justice Court where he was charged with DWI. Probably not how the Knicks organization wanted their new hire to celebrate his recent almost-$10M contract.

For an idea of how far Mr. Kidd made it before the accident, we turn to Google Maps:

Drunk driving is never acceptable, but when you can easily afford to hire someone to chauffeur your inebriated self around, stories like this are especially unnerving.

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