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Opponents Of "The Dunes" Take To The Mail

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East Hampton rehab facility "The Dunes" has been a source of controversy basically as soon as its door open. They were originally given the go ahead by the town's building inspector, but 19 months later he changed his opinion "after further review" and subsequently issued a notice of violation for running a private, commercial enterprise in a residential neighborhood. Owners of The Dunes feel the flip-flop stems from a complaint by the head of a different substance rehabilitation facility Westhampton. As you might expect, there's already a lawsuit in the works.

Homeowners calling on the lawyers is par for the course out here, but what does raise our eye-brow is a mass-mailing we received on Saturday. The group Expose The Dunes sent out a letter to homeowners in the area that says that the clinic has turned the East Hampton fairy tale into a on the thumbnail for an embiggened image.

Is this just run-of-the-mill NIMBYism or do the folks behind "Expose The Dunes" have a valid claim? Anyone living near the facility care to chime in?

· The Dunes East Hampton [Official Site]
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The Dunes

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