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Looking To Get The Party Started Early? Take The LIRR.

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The New York Times has a piece that perfectly captures why the LIRR ranked so low on our post about ways of getting the Hamptons from earlier this summer. In an article titled, "The Hamptons Party Starts on the Train Tracks" they pretty much spell out why the train should be avoided at all costs. A few highlights:

"I don't want to get out there completely sober and everybody is already crunked up at the pool."

"'We’re already two bottles in,' Mollie Moran, 25, said about 10:35 a.m. Empty bottles of sparkling wine shared a seat with her and her roommate Lauren Stallworth, 25. 'It makes it feel more like vacay,' Ms. Moran added."

"On a recent Friday, Brendan Johnson, 30, en route to Southampton with his wife, Elizabeth, also 30, was crammed into his seat, his knees wrapped around a giant golf bag stuffed with 14 clubs, some wearing little hats with pompoms."

"'There is more of a selection of females to walk up to and hit on,' he said. 'I usually get a number every time I go out here."

"Across the aisle sat a friend, his arm around a blender for frozen drinks. They were all bound for the Amagansett house they share in the summer with 30 other people, some of whom camp in the yard."

Between the scene on the eastbound LIRR and the nonsense that goes down on the Jitney, is it any wonder why we're such big fans of the Amabassador Class? · The Hamptons Party Starts on the Train Tracks [NY Times]