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Hard Work Isn't The Only Way To Get A Listing

In a a piece for The Observer, Adelaide Polsinelli ("a veteran real estate professional with more than 25 years of real estate brokerage experience") wrote about the lengths some agents will go to get the listing. Of course, sex is not out of the question. Check out this little gem:

"One female broker I know would lure her victims, also referred to as 'sellers,' to her house in the Hamptons under the guise of a weekend with some powerful investors. Once there, they would find out that they and this broker were the only two who showed up. Using her feminine wiles and various body parts, depending on how large the deal was, she would get him to sign her up as the exclusive agent, and, voila, the assignment was hers."So...uh...seller beware. · Sex, Lies and Listings: How Far Will Brokers Go to Put a Deal to Bed? [The Observer]