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Sag Harbor's "Boat Party" Will Need To Find A New Home

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We've got bad news for boating enthusiasts looking forward to this year's "Boat Party" in Sag Harbor Cove. According to the Sag Harbor Express, the Sag Harbor Village Board of Trustees voted to expand its mass gathering permit to include the area where the August event has taken place over the last few summers. Citing both environmental concerns as well as complaints from village residents, the board passed legislation "that requires anyone hosting an event anticipating more than 75 people?whether on land or water under Sag Harbor jurisdiction?to first obtain a permit from the village." Organizers are more than welcome to apply for one (although it will get denied), but doing so might prove a little tricky as no one individual takes responsibility for the decades old event.

Even with this setback, we have a feeling the event is still going to occur. Details for the event are usually kept under wraps until the day of?when the location is announced on sailing and boating blogs?so the shadowy organizers are probably already working on Plan B. Anyone got any thoughts on where they'll end up this year?

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