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Gasp! New Georgica Association Listing For Under $6M

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Access to the secretive Georgica Association just got a little bit easier! A new listing in the private oceanfront enclave just hit the market for $5.995 million. Not too bad compared to director Robert Benton's $26 million showplace, which sits a bit deeper in the community. The new listing spans 2.5 acres of waterfront land, which means expansion possibilities abound. But maybe change isn't necessary, since the current house is pretty darn charming. The cottage sports a gambrel roof, scenic views, and tons of vintage detailing. Wainscoting in Wainscott: makes sense!

$5.995 million for over two acres of waterfront land seems pretty reasonable. Especially when access to a private ocean beach, complete with cabanas and the like, is factored in. Besides, a slightly more substantial home in the Association just closed for somewhere in the $10 million neighborhood. Of course, there is that nearby $3.495 million waterfront listing. It's also in the association, but only weighs in at .30 acres.

· Listing: 3 Georgica Association Road [Corcoran]