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Indian Wells Has Gotten A Little Too Popular This Season

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At a recent East Hampton Town Board work session, officials discussed the crowds at Indian Wells Beach. Once known as a family beach, The East Hampton Press notes (subscription required) that "hordes of young, drunk and boisterous people have planted themselves" there this season and loud music, widespread drunkenness, public urination, and illegal parking have residents rather miffed. While the problem has existed in the past, it seems constant this summer...the liaison to the hamlet of Amagansett has "been getting nonstop phone calls and emails from constituents about the issue."

So what's changed? While the Amagansett liaison thinks "it has a lot to do with the weather," fingers are also being pointed at a Guest of a Guest article from earlier this summer. In it, they advise bringing a 30-pack of beer and note that, "There is certainly no 'beer only' rule at this informal beach party, because the popping of champagne can be heard throughout the day, and hard liquor is obviously consumed as well."

We're not quite convinced that Guest of a Guest has the kind of pull to turn a family beach into "the most laid back beach party the Hamptons will ever host," but we have been receiving Emails (and a few photos) complaining about the mess that's left at Indian Wells after Saturdays and Sundays. If anyone's got any stories they care to share, feel free to leave 'em in the comments or send an Email our way.

Seven more weeks...

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