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22 Forest Crossing Sells For $50K More Than It Did In 2006

When we noted that this House At Sagaponac entered into contract back in March, we invited readers to offer guesses for the final purchase price. Their estimates ranged from just under $2M to $2.65M. One commenter hit the nail on the $2.5M head and, although they thought the house was "great," added "I cannot imagine the hell of a summer by the pool at the end of the runway."

The former owners must be happy that they're no longer forced to deal with the hum of EH Airport traffic in the summer, but we imagine they're elated that they didn't take a total bath on the Annabelle Selldorf design. They picked up the four-bedroom for $2.45M back in 2006?a terrible time to have purchased out here. Between property taxes, upkeep, and brokers fees, the sellers most likely ended up losing money on the property, but it could have been much, much worse.

· Listing: 22 Forest Crossing [Prudential Douglas Elliman]